Our Philosophy

We value, respect and work with each child’s unique qualities and abilities, and view each child as an active participant and decision maker in their own learning.

At The Little Unicorn, we understand that the relationships we form with you and your child will have a significant influence on their involvement and success in lifelong learning.

We embrace technology as a way of connecting and including families in early childhood learning. See,

learn and experience more of your child’s day when we share photos, journals, goals, stories, videos and captions through our Storypark platform. Each family has an account, allowing you to better understand your child’s learning and share with invited family and friends. Receive an email when new experiences are added to your child’s day in a private, secure and encrypted environment. iPad sign-ins for each room at both Broadmeadow and Honeysuckle simplifies and improves the security of daily drop-offs and pick-ups.


Play-based education practices

Your child will explore, play, discover and grow through a range of child-centred education practices. Each activity is adapted to your child’s capabilities, disposition and learning preferences. We have a specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognise the importance of communication and language to social and emotional development. Learning activities occur indoors and outdoors, and range from dramatic play (dress ups and role play), to cooking (in play and in the kitchen), painting, sandpit play, construction, science-based activities, gross-motor activities, storytelling, yoga and early literacy /numeracy.

Children’s learning is at the core of everything we do at The Little Unicorn. All programs are based on the principles outlined in the NSW Curriculum Framework and the national Early Years Learning Framework (‘Belonging, Being, Becoming’). We foster a sense of belonging in your child; to their family, cultural group and wider community. We recognise that childhood is a time to be in the present and engage with life’s joys and complexities. We acknowledge parents as the ‘first teacher’, and value your voice and your child’s as they grow and are shaped by their experiences to become active participants in the world around them.

Belonging, being, becoming

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